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I thought it would be interesting to compare a Jebao wavemaker to a VorTech. The biggest difference I noticed was price! Jebaos start at around $38.00 and go up to just over $70.00 (depending on the model). VorTechs, starting point is $200.00, upwards to over $600.00. I ordered the Jebao WP-25 model for a 24" wide X 20" deep X 13" inch high tank. I couldn't wait to get things set up and start the experiment. Unfortunately, the model I received was WAY too powerful for the tank. I figured the wavemaker would be like a filter, and that the manufacturer grossly exaggerated the capabilities of the unit (so I ordered a size larger than I really needed). Epic fail. Below is a video of the WP-25 at its lowest setting. As you can see, sand is being blown all over the place, "branches" broke off the Kenya tree and coral plugs were literally tossed, from one end of the tank to the other. Yipes! The last bit of the video is me in a panic as the waves were building up and water was starting to come out of the top of the tank. I tried to get a good view of this without flooding the place, but you can't really tell what's going on. The smaller model Jebao is on the way and should arrive in a couple of days. As soon as I've had time to test it out, I'll post a review and pictures.




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