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  1. http://strapon.xblog.in

  2. Crazy idea for sure, it would be fun to try this stuff out.
  3. Love the look of the tetra/rasbora tank the way it sits! Call me crazy but I soft of like the plant dumping ground.
  4. That's good news, I kept seeing the weather reports and thinking of you guys. We had LOTS of rain and some flash flood damage, but nothing terrible. Thankfully no tornados.
  5. Great looking fish. How many total are you planning on having (however long the time frame)?
  6. I know the rain has been hellacious, hope you guys are staying high and dry!
  7. They are quite possibly some of the funniest creatures on the planet! Great pictures Terri, hopefully you guys get to hang out with him often.
  8. Thanks for sharing your source, these look pretty interesting.
  9. A new tank in the works Terri?
  10. Looks like he is giving you the stare down! Nice addition Terri
  11. haha, that must be a sight to behold.
  12. I must admit, I'm jealous! Looks like a blast even if the arms are sore. If you need someone to fill in for you look no further
  13. Would be best as the only dog or as the alpha. She is currently in a foster where they have many dogs and she is doing fine, she just snarls every now and then. No fights though. You tell her to stop and she straightens right up. The fosters seem to think she gets frustrated with the other dogs because she is trying to herd them.