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TruAqua, AquaTop High Clarity Low Iron Glass Aquarium Review

TruAqua, AquaTop Low Iron Glass Aquariums

If you like the clarity of low iron glass, and the look of rimless tanks, but not their hefty price tags, then TruAqua, aquariums might be the answer to your prayers.
  • 2.11 gallon cube 7.87 X 7.87 X 7.87 ($29.99 delivered)
  • 4.12 gallon cube 9.84 X 9.84 X 9.84 ($39.99 delivered)
  • 7.13 gallon cube 11.81 X 11.81 X 11.81 ($55.99 delivered)
  • 11.33 gallon cube 13.78 X 13.78 X 13.78 ($79.99 delivered)
  • 24.09 gallon cube 17.72 X 17.72 X 17.72 ($189.99 delivered)
  • Also available in high clarity, low iron glass, are 4 different sizes of rectangular tanks (3.4, 5.4, 8.6, and 21.4 gallon).
  • Hand-crafted, high clarity glass
  • Low iron glass with a 91% light-through rate
  • Polished beveled edges
  • High-grade German silicone for a seamless appearance
  • For both saltwater and freshwater systems
UPS, delivered a pretty beat up box to our door, complete with four crushed corners, so we figured we'd be unpacking shards of glass, instead of an aquarium. Fortunately, whoever was responsible for boxing up the tank, knew what they were doing!! After pulling out wads and wads of packing material, then another box, we were finally able to unearth the tank (which was in perfect condition). There was even a foam mat included which was a nice touch, and totally unexpected! The mat, is not quite as thick as what we're used to, but it gets the job done.

Posted Image
Foam mat that came with the tank

First Impressions
Cute, was the first word that came to mind! All the sides met up and were flush, the silicone was practically invisible (even the bottom seams), and the glass was blemish free. Initially, we did not think this was low iron glass since there appeared to be a bit of a green tinge to the edges, but after moving it into the sunlight, we were able to tell the difference. Also of note, the glass seems a bit thinner than aquariums of comparable size.

Posted Image
Notice how thin the silicone bead is--ours was flawless

If you're into badges (we're not), then you'll be disappointed. The sticker is flimsy (ours was crooked) and will more than likely fall off in very short order. Sometimes, it's the attention to details that sets one product apart from another, and it may be quibbling, but we wish the company had paid more attention to something that carries their name.

Posted Image
AquaTop Badge

Our tank is currently sans water since we're doing a dry start, but we did fill the tank with water and let it sit for 24 hours before scaping. The tank held water and we experienced no leaks. Yea!

Posted Image

The AquaTop cube is one, solid little, tank! In this somewhat expensive hobby, it's nice to be able to get quality and good looks at such an affordable price. Hopefully, TruAqua, will keep up their current standards and continue to produce a top notch tank.

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