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How To Make Snail Jello

Snail Jello
Ummm, ummm, good! At least to snails and shrimp it is! Below is the basic recipe for snail Jello. There are any number of ways this could be modified for fish, frogs, etc.; use your imagination and have fun. Here's a link to more recipes should you wish to further explore the gourmet world of fish food recipes. Added note--I made the basic recipe and was surprised at how well the "Jello" cubes held together and didn't dirty up the tank.
Snail Jello


1 jar of baby food (4-6 oz) the higher the calcium level, the better

1 tsp fish food (may be omitted)

Calcium or vitamin supplements (I used calcium gel tabs for humans--just cut the ends off and squirted out the gel)*

1 packet (1 tablespoon) unflavored gelatin


1. Empty baby food into a small, flat bottomed, bowl and heat in microwave for 60 seconds.
2. Slowly stir in unflavored gelatin, crushing any lumps with back of spoon.
3. Next, you'll want to add in the calcium supplements and/or vitamins. Once that's done, fold in the fish food (if using).
4. Refrigerate for several hours , then cut into small cubes.
5. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve. These can also be frozen and will keep in the freezer for about a month.

* Reptile calcium supplements, can also be used.

Sorry to have to do this, but because of the plethora of spammers, it has been decided to disallow comments on any of the fish articles, product reviews, etc. Should you have a question or comment about anything posted on Aquarium Speed, please go to the forums section and ask your question or make your comment there. Thanks!