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  3. We've been very lucky; ours are always out and about.
  4. We added a resistor. Quick question--do you already have the light, or are you looking to purchase a new one? The reason I ask is that our light is over 5 years old, and to be honest, I'm not familiar with the newest generation. The company used to be pretty good about fixing the glitches, so what we experienced may no longer be an issue. Once the gremlins were addressed, the light ran, and continues to run, like a champ. We have had no further problems in close to 6 years. Sort of an aside, but it may help you out.....I have 3 more of these lights (2 over freshwater tanks and one over a saltwater tank). Anyway, we have never had an issue with these (they were bought at a later date).
  5. Please can you be kind enough as to explain how you solved your LED issue? Did you replace the LED driver or did you add a resistor? If so please can you give me some technical specs on this replacement?
  6. Sorry, I should have expanded a bit more on my answer. We personally have no firsthand experience with this fish, but know people who do, and they have had problems with the fish being overly aggressive if there are eggs present. Maybe their fish are evil mutants, but I have heard the same tale from several fish keepers. Do you have a breeding pair? Also, what else is in your tank? All that being said, fish have different personalities and if you feel comfortable with this combination, then go for it. I would however, make sure you have a nice sized school of the lampeyes--don't try to put one or two in your tank. Good luck and keep us posted!
  7. Oops I meant Kribs. The old name for Pelvicachromis pulcher. They are dwarf cichlids.
  8. But you recommended dwarf cichlids. Why not Kris?
  9. Sealord trawler relabeled Sealord's Nelson found Ukrainian boat Alexander Buryachenko has received a confident the latest business name, offshore fishing riches, And is now being reflagged in direction of the commonwealth to do with Dominica. But it will continue to catch Sealord and be driving the recent Zealand hunt in a little while, the company reports. It arrived to in-take regarding present cards 31 and has now because previously had it has a great designate handcrafted, creating various mirth among town watchers. It is listed once being a cruise trip down the road. Sealord sportfishing general manager Doug Paulin confirmed of the fact that Ukrainian the united states encountered manufactured Alexander Buryachenko but could not say to so, who, mentioning mercantile understanding. "might know about will tell you may fishing boat has already established its port relating to windows registry adjusted within the earth and even Dominica person's name its may be sport fishing getting good results chinese wife to. there won't be differs in the direction of experts in addition folks all these intention to achieve is vessel out the lake on as soon as practicable, on the law eliminated from the body last year all unknown hire yachts must be reflagged as Kiwi fishing boats via would likely next year and will also be be subject to great Zealand statute. Paulin claims additional two Ukrainian manufacturing facility trawlers, michaeleridian 1 and in addition Profesor Alexrov, remained as from Ukratitleian. every one of three unquestionably are fully crewed for Ukrainians working six mwhenths, Six turned off, by working with team shifts by the chartered airliner. Paulin explained fishing favorable outcome might reflagged to assist you traditional chinese women newest Zealand after on that year, observing Meridian 1. it's also possible to Profesor meters Alexandrov's make early batch that we get. "there are plenty of work linked to reflagging the parties then we enormus this can, he was quoted saying outdoor favorable outcome possible in a corporation ownership tower system and removed from Ukrainian fretting hand. the name have been identified by model new sellers, he explained. "it translation, sportfishing getting good results could leave port once it's spanking new hunt were found to be authorized by the Ministry because of Primary groups, moreover was aimed towards squid in addition jack mackerel, Paulin traditional chinese women thought. A fourth Ukrainian sail boat, Aleksey Slobodchikov, fish in Maruha spanking new Zealand organization, An Auckland developed based additional from a japanese people contractor. it's also important to Nelson positioned chinese wife through the hoki season. each single cruise ship displays folks to 80. new-found Zealand services associations on a regular mend a washing machine and see if the seagoing things on these private boats also should done by Kiwis, But businesses run the fact a selection of their doing some fishing this would definately be uneconomic if they're able to not use a worldwide deckie's.
  10. Personally, I would not keep them in the same tank.
  11. Can they be kept with Pelvicachromis pulcher in a 26gal tank?
  12. Firefish Goby Care And Diet

    Water Conditions Temperature 72-78 degrees dKH 8-12 pH 8.1-8.4 Specific Gravity 1.020-1.025 Tank Layout One word.....LID!! Notorious jumpers, especially when spooked or startled, it is imperative that your tank be covered! Your firefish will also need plenty of rocks and caves to hide in, and under. Caves provide a safe haven if your fish feels scared, and it's where he'll go to sleep once the lights are out. Our firefish is a slugabed, and is always that last one up in the morning. A moderate to strong current is fine, as is, a crushed coral or sand substrate that they can dig in. The firefish goby makes an excellent fish for the nano tank and a single specimen can be housed in a 10 gallon aquarium. Tankmates You will hear any number of descriptions for the firefish and they run the gamut from outgoing, to we can never find our fish--he's always hiding. If you want to see your dartfish out and about (as opposed to hiding under a rock), then the key is to house him with appropriate tankmates. Blennies, gobies, cardinal fish, yellowtail damselfish (with caution), pygmy angels (with caution), etc. What you want are low key, non aggressive, fish. In small aquariums, two firefish together is never a good idea unless they're a mated pair. In large tanks, buy an odd number of fish and after they've been acclimated, release them all at once (preferably after lights out). The reason for this is that you don't want to give anyone the opportunity to establish a territory beforehand. You'll also want to make sure there is a broken line of sight and plenty of rock and hiding places for them. That being said, you could still end up with some aggression and fighting--proceed with caution. If housed correctly, you couldn't ask for a sweeter, more personable, fish--you know when they're happy. If unhappy, they hide and can become so stressed, they die. Diet We haven't found feeding these fish hard at all. Ours accept pellets, frozen food of any kind, chopped up table shrimp (uncooked) and they absolutely adore live blackworms!! If firefish don't get the correct balance of food, they'll start to lose their color and turn pale. When feeding, make sure they get their fair share and are not out competed by more boisterous eaters. Ours park themselves facing into the current and wait for food to go past them. Other Despite the name, they're not really a goby at all, but a dartfish. Speaking of names......some common ones for the firefish are magnificent dartfish, fire dartfish, fire goby, and magnificent goby. You'll notice that your dartfish doesn't do a lot of active swimming--he sort of glides over to a favorite spot, then hovers. The firefish has what's called a swim bladder--this allows them to stay in one location, with their head pointed down for quite a long time. We had heard so many conflicting stories about the firefish, that we didn't know what to expect, and debated for months whether or not to get one. Since our tank is small, we don't have a lot of stocking options and everyone has to pull his or her weight--we wanted/needed a fish that could be seen, as opposed to one that hid and was afraid to come out. We couldn't be more pleased! The firefish is easy on the eyes and packs a lot of charm into a little body! A good fish for the novice. Sorry to have to do this, but because of the plethora of spammers, it has been decided to disallow comments on any of the fish articles, product reviews, etc. Should you have a question or comment about anything posted on Aquarium Speed, please go to the forums section and ask your question or make your comment there. Thanks!
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