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  1. Since frogs kept laying eggs in all the jars, and I kept getting copious amounts of tadpoles, the experiment has finally been moved inside. Same deal as before, only a grow light has been added. Pixs up soon.
  2. Terri
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    Thankfully, the tadpoles grew at different rates, so releasing them wasn't as painful as it might have been! :) It seemed cruel to just toss them out in the yard, so I hauled out the 2 gallon tank, added a little pond, some wood, leaves, branches, etc., stocked it with wingless flies and set it out on the front porch next to a bunch of potted plants. It was interesting to observe how long they stayed in the tank. Some of the frogs, climbed out immediately, while others would climb out at night, but I'd find them back in the tank during the day. Others, didn't leave at all--at least, not for the first few days. Eventually, all of them took the plunge (hop) and went out into the world on their own. Raising them was a truly rewarding experience and one I'd like to repeat! Out of 12 tadpoles, all of them made it to adulthood and back into the wild (which pleases me to no end). I can no longer tell them apart from the other tree frogs in the yard, but I'd like to think they're members of the chorus, that serenades us nightly.


    One of the babies several days after being released. We greet each other in passing.

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    blog-0032280001339203331.jpgWel its a start. Long way to go but here is how this aquarium started. Hopefully in a few months we can look back on this and laugh.