• Teaser Paragraph:

    Firefish Goby (Nemateleotris magnifica)

    It's no mystery how this fish got it's name--just look at the tail! Doesn't it remind you of glowing embers? You can practically smell the smoke.

    • Temperament: Peaceful
    • Reef Safe: Yes
    • Native To: Maldives, Coral Sea, Ryukyu Islands, Japan, and Indonesia
    • Lifespan: 4-7 years (but have been known to live much longer)
    • Care: Easy
    • Size: 2 1/2 to 3 inches max
    • Hangs Out: Mid to lower levels of the tank
    • Carnivore

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  • Teaser Paragraph:

    Scarlet Badis (Dario dario)

    What the Dario dario lacks in stature, he makes up for in personality! Often described as a dwarf cichlid (they're not), this diminutive fish will amuse you with his antics. Males are a vibrant red, with 7 dark vertical stripes and a blue iridescent sheen to their scales. Females, on the other hand, are a uniform gray. Their stripes are indistinct or missing altogether. As for size--the average male will be about 0.8 inches long and the females are even smaller (0.5 inches). Lifespan for these little guys is between 4 and 6 years.

  • Teaser Paragraph:

    Finnex Ray 2 24 inch

    If you're tired of looking at big, black, boxes hanging over your aquarium and would like something a bit more unobtrusive, then look no further. Finnex, has come out with a new line of high output LED fixtures that don't overwhelm the tank. But will they grow plants?

  • Teaser Paragraph:

    Fluval View

    The Hagen Fluval View, is not quite an "out of the box" setup, but almost....the only things lacking are plants, water, fish, and gravel.

    Kit Includes

    • 3.96 gallon, oval shaped, plastic tank, with removable cover
    • Integrated filtration system with day and night, LED lighting
    • 2 filter cartridges
    • Water conditioner
    • Biological supplement
    • 17 1/4 inches wide X 9 inches deep X 15 1/4 inches tall

  • Teaser Paragraph:

    Two Stripe Pygmy Goby (Eviota bifasciata)

    We have searched online for hours, but have been unable to find very much information regarding these tiny fish. With that being said, we'll post what we have found and the rest, we'll just have to learn together!

    • Temperament: Peaceful
    • Reef safe: Yes
    • Native to: Western Pacific (inhabits reefs and can usually be found hovering over corals and/or sponges)
    • Lifespan: ?
    • Care: ? (ours have been very easy to care for and appear to be quite hardy)
    • Size: 1"
    • Hangs Out: All over the tank, but with a tendency towards the mid to bottom regions
    • Diet: Carnivore

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TruAqua, AquaTop High Clarity Low Iron Glass Aquarium Review

  • TruAqua, AquaTop Low Iron Glass Aquariums

    If you like the clarity of low iron glass, and the look of rimless tanks, but not their hefty price tags, then TruAqua, aquariums might be the answer to your prayers.

    • 2.11 gallon cube 7.87 X 7.87 X 7.87 ($29.99 delivered)
    • 4.12 gallon cube 9.84 X 9.84 X 9.84 ($39.99 delivered)
    • 7.13 gallon cube 11.81 X 11.81 X 11.81 ($55.99 delivered)
    • 11.33 gallon cube 13.78 X 13.78 X 13.78 ($79.99 delivered)
    • 24.09 gallon cube 17.72 X 17.72 X 17.72 ($189.99 delivered)
    • Also available in high clarity, low iron glass, are 4 different sizes of rectangular tanks (3.4, 5.4, 8.6, and 21.4 gallon).


  • Hand-crafted, high clarity glass
  • Low iron glass with a 91% light-through rate
  • Polished beveled edges
  • High-grade German silicone for a seamless appearance
  • For both saltwater and freshwater systems


UPS, delivered a pretty beat up box to our door, complete with four crushed corners, so we figured we'd be unpacking shards of glass, instead of an aquarium. Fortunately, whoever was responsible for boxing up the tank, knew what they were doing!! After pulling out wads and wads of packing material, then another box, we were finally able to unearth the tank (which was in perfect condition). There was even a foam mat included which was a nice touch, and totally unexpected! The mat, is not quite as thick as what we're used to, but it gets the job done.


Foam mat that came with the tank

First Impressions

Cute, was the first word that came to mind! All the sides met up and were flush, the silicone was practically invisible (even the bottom seams), and the glass was blemish free. Initially, we did not think this was low iron glass since there appeared to be a bit of a green tinge to the edges, but after moving it into the sunlight, we were able to tell the difference. Also of note, the glass seems a bit thinner than aquariums of comparable size.


Notice how thin the silicone bead is--ours was flawless

If you're into badges (we're not), then you'll be disappointed. The sticker is flimsy (ours was crooked) and will more than likely fall off in very short order. Sometimes, it's the attention to details that sets one product apart from another, and it may be quibbling, but we wish the company had paid more attention to something that carries their name.


AquaTop Badge


Our tank is currently sans water since we're doing a but we did fill the tank with water and let it sit for 24 hours before scaping. The tank held water and we experienced no leaks. Yea!



The AquaTop cube is one, solid little, tank! In this somewhat expensive hobby, it's nice to be able to get quality and good looks at such an affordable price. Hopefully, TruAqua, will keep up their current standards and continue to produce a top notch tank.

Sorry to have to do this, but because of the plethora of spammers, it has been decided to disallow comments on any of the fish articles, product reviews, etc. Should you have a question or comment about anything posted on Aquarium Speed, please go to the forums section and ask your question or make your comment there. Thanks!

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